Actofel Ilovu



Actofel Ilovu was born in Ondangwa in 1984 and now lives in Windhoek. Ilovu graduated from the College of the Arts in 2010 and received his higher diploma in visual art and advertising from the University of Namibia in 2016. Ilovu is an active part of the Namibian art community working as a curator and artist, conceptualizing both collaborative and solo projects.


Ilovu is well known for his smoke paintings on paper. While his work often reflects on and critiques the socio-political landscape of Namibia, Ilovu also draws on personal experience. As a child Ilovu suffered severe burns from a fire and says that “because of the fire that burnt me, I was rejected by many, including myself, while growing up; it wasn't easy to look different from other kids. As an adult I have fallen in love with my scars and I look at myself as an art piece created by that fire.” In his most recent body or work Ilovu continues to grapple with the human experience. In the ‘I See…’ series, Ilovu works with Linocuts and the motif of the marula nut. You can read more about these works on our blog.