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Submitting to the community archive:

We are putting together an everyday archive of images from the time of independence in Namibia. This is a time in our shared history that is commemorated officially through top down narratives and we hope that this archive can bring us closer to personal stories. The end of apartheid was a huge cause for celebration and we want to create a space that can provide a glimpse into the everyday lives of people from around that time.

Adding images to the archive is easy! All you have to do is send us an email with the photos attached and a couple of sentences telling us about each image. Have a look at the images that are already online to see what we mean by this. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions.   

We don't want to be too restrictive in what goes up so there is plenty of leeway if you want to participate! If you have a specific memory you want to share in the form of video, audio or text would be happy to find a way to add this to the archive too. We are also very excited about the prospect of you adding an artwork/ performance/ intervention/ unconventional item to the archive. If you would like to do so then please email us about it. If your idea is ambitious and requires funding we will try and support an application for funding to do so.

All images from the Independence-era will be accepted into the archive. However only a selection will be shown on this website. This means that if you want to submit to the archive but are uncomfortable with having the images publicly on display you can let us know and we will keep these images/items on file to be viewed only on request. 

This archive is cared for by Ndapwa Alweendo, Helen Harris and Gina Figueira. All the rights for the images in the archive remain with their contributors. Please do not reproduce them in any form without prior written consent.