Namafu Amutse

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About the artist

Namafu Amutse

Namafu Amutse (b. 1998) is a self taught multidisciplinary artist from Swakopmund, Namibia. She is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Education Honours degree in English and German at the University of Namibia. Her work is fuelled by Southern African tradition, feminism, and Futurism and her focus is on centering black perspectives.

In October 2020, Amutse had her first solo exhibition titled ‘Bright Eyes Into Afrofuturism’ curated by Efano Efano Gallery, followed by the group exhibition in June 2021 ‘We Know It In Our Bones’ curated by Start Art Gallery and Sister Namibia. Earlier in October 2021, her artwork was exhibited in Dubai at the first edition ‘Africa Speaks-54: Transforming The Future of Africa Art’ Exhibition.

Amutse is the 2021 Visual Arts Inaugural Winner of the Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards for her photography series ‘Chrysalis’, first published in Doek Literary Magazine’s 4th issue. In December 2021, her work ‘Soft’ was published in the 4th issue of Lolwe Magazine. In January 2022, she was selected to join the 5th Edition of Art Connects Women as Namibia’s Ambassador in Dubai and in March 2022 exhibited her photograph titled ‘Sapphire’, curated by Zee Arts Gallery. In March 2022, her works formed part of the EPIPHANY group exhibition curated by The Holy Art Gallery in London.