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Mixed media, sculpture and printmaking

Elisia Nghidishange was born in Eenhana in northern Namibia. This printmaker, sculptor and mixed media artist graduated from the College of the Arts in Windhoek in 2016. Nghidishange has taken part in various group exhibitions locally, and in 2017 she opened her first solo exhibition titled ‘The Cost of Wealth’ at the Goethe Institut. Of her artistic process, Nghidishange explains, “I have always used and been inspired by the materials that have been part of my life since childhood.” Working with motifs drawing from the human figure, cow horns, and ostrich egg-shell beads, Nghidishange’s work also explores relationships between the pursuit of wealth and the place of tradition in a contemporary and cosmopolitan society, and between gender and tradition in this context.

Nghidishange exhibited as part of StArt Art Gallery's exhibition Being Here.

'Horns of False Power', Mixed Media, 1750x605x550 mm, 2017