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'Fresh From the Field', Oil based ink on paper (cardboard block print), 2017



Lok Kandjengo is a Namibian printmaker who specialises in cardboard and linoleum block prints. Kandjengo's highly graphic prints draw on the subject matter of his daily life. Kandjengo was born in Ongwedieva in 1988. He moved to Windhoek to study art, first at the John Muafangejo Art Centre and then at the College of the Arts. Kandjengo graduated in 2011 after having specialised in the oil-based technique of cardboard printmaking. Kandjengo has exhibited locally and internationally with works acquired by the National Art Gallery of Namibia as well as the Museum Wuerth Collection in Germany. Kandjengo has had two solo exhibitions, the first took place at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre in 2013 and was called 'Ekondobolo', the second was held at the National Art Gallery of Namibia in 2015, titled 'Multifarious'. Kandjengo has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions. 


"Art has been my passion ever since my childhood; it brings me joy, puts my life in order and teaches me to appreciate and acknowledge every little good thing happening in my life. Innovation and creativeness are my driving forces to working tirelessly day and night. Art is one of the activities I do that gives me courage to educate and communicate to my audience especially about youth empowerment through culture and the creation of employment. My artwork is related to my culture and tradition. We should never forget where we come from and always stay closer to our roots. We should respect our elders, visit them and live according to their words of wisdom and guidance. Our homes are full of wonderful things and we should cherish their hard work and love for us".

'Poitjie', Oil based ink on paper (Linoleum block print), 2017