Support the arts

We always welcome any and all support. You can do this by donating materials to our artists, sponsoring pArticipate sessions for kids, or helping us fund public arts projects. However, we thought we would dedicate this portion of our website to highlighting some other worthy arts initiatives in Namibia. Sometimes it's hard to know whats going on out there and where you money can make the most difference, so here are a couple of examples of the kinds of labour that we would like to see YOU supporting. 


Namibian artist Frans Nambinga has set up an arts school and creative hub for children in Havana, Windhoek! Havana is an area on the outskirts of our capital city that is incredibly under-serviced. This arts centre is therefore a wonderful and welcome initiative by Nambinga as it provides not only a safe but supportive environment for children and the arts. StArt & Friends have made some donations toward the project as we feel it is vital to the community and to the future generations of the creative industry in Namibia. If you would like to know more or get involved in sponsoring the arts school, contact Frans +264813967952 / +264813146257. Or contact us to find out more.