Elizabeth Shinana


Elizabeth Shinana has a diploma from the College of the Arts and is currently furthering her studies at the University of Namibia. Shinana works predominantly with geometric shapes, incorporating patterns from kitchen utensils, woven baskets “Ontungwa” and traditional wooden cups “Oshitenga”. According to Shinana geometric patterns play an important role in traditional Oshiwambo art and her work pays homage to these techniques. Describing her work Shinana says; ”The printed and dyed fabrics are intended to read like a pool of consciousness expressed in the visual realm. I draw on my personal experiences to create patterns that reflect the shape of time, loss, passion, longing, and obsession. These in turn relate to the broader experiences of being human”. Shinana has participated in various group exhibitions, most notably at the National Art Gallery of Namibia, in ‘Booth’ 2017.