Laimi Mbangula


Laimi Mbangula was born in 1988 in Eenhana. Having graduated from the College of the Arts in 2016, Mbangula is currently furthering her studies at the University of Namibia. Mbangula is at the beginning of what looks to be a very successful career.  Laimi Mbangula’s artistic practice has formed out of her lived experience, often choosing to work with motifs from the tools and utensils “we have always used in our homesteads and villages”. Her sense of identity is deeply rooted in these objects;  “When I think about the fact that these items are becoming extinct I feel distressed, and a sense of loss”.  The laborious process of cutting and printing stencils by hand means that every textile piece or print that Mbangula creates is entirely unique and original. She has participated in a number of group exhibitions since 2013. ‘Inside the Room’ at StArt Art Gallery in September 2017 was Mbangula’s first solo exhibition.