March 2018

StArt @ The Wolfshack

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‘Look-See’ combines the works of eight visual and two performing artists, whose works are drawn together because of their explicit or indirect relation to abstraction. Playing on the idea of the English idiom ‘to have a look-see’, this exhibition draws attention to the act of looking, seeing and interacting with artworks. To ‘have a look-see’ generally describes the act of briefly looking at something to determine its status, to see if it is working or not. In a world where we are inundated with visual cues, we often adopt this ‘quick look’ as we literally and metaphorically scroll from one picture, advertisement, news story, etc to the next. 

Abstraction complicates this looking process. How do we look at something that has been consciously manipulated to show something other than a direct depiction of something worldly? Abstraction can invite looking that stems from a deeper level of interaction, that asks the viewer to identify with the artwork beyond relating to the purely representational. Discussions around abstraction in the artistic process can quickly move beyond a simple dichotomy of representation and non-representation. In the works on display this dichotomy is complicated in various ways.