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Born in 1949 in Bethanie, Namibia, Paul Kiddo grew up in the landscape that would one day form the inspiration for much of his work. At the age of  fourteen Kiddo started experimenting and exploring with paint. It was only in his thirties that the artist truly started to paint in earnest. His early experiments took place on unusual surfaces like flat stones and ceiling boards. However, for the last forty years Kiddo has worked almost exclusively with acrylic on hardboard and canvas. 


As an autodidact, Kiddo’s style is based on intense observation; of both his subject matter and the surface of his canvas, resulting in detailed fine brushwork of intriguing scenes. His paintings are narrative and often touch on sociological issues. While he is inspired by his observations of the landscape and people around him he brings subtlety and humor to these scenes in order to paint a complex portrait of contemporary Namibian society and its histories.  The Namibian landscape and the ways in which it is inhabited, are major features of his practice.  Kiddo’s colourful and meticulous painting style, draws the viewer into the painting and presents an insider’s perspective to the medium of landscape painting that has for so long been dominated by colonial, tourist and outsider perspectives. You can read more about Kiddo in this blog post.


In 2017 Kiddo was awarded the Bank Windhoek Triennale Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Art Gallery of Namibia. Kiddos work is held in many notable collections around the world including the collection of the NAGN, NAA and the Würth collection in Germany. Kiddo has exhibited extensively, mostly recently at a solo exhibtion at the NAGN in 2017. As Kiddo gets older and his health declines he exhibits and paints less frequently.

(StArt Art Gallery's work with Paul Kiddo was assisted by Elize van Huyssteen and Fabian Lehmann. It is with thanks that we acknowledge their labour.)

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