Fillipus Sheehama


Treasures Moment



Recycled metal (bottle tops)

2230 x 2730mm


N$ 22 500-

Treasures Moment

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  • “‘Treasures Moment’ is an artwork created almost entirely from recycled bottle tops. This artwork aims to question an increase in the consumption of alcohol among the Namibian youth. The bottle tops used were collected from shebeens (informal bars) in Windhoek, where many Namibians spend their time drinking beer and other alcohol. The shebeens have become popular places where many young Namibians spend their time socialising and drinking. This can have the effect of decreasing the productivity of many young people. The problem of alcoholism is serious in our community. ‘Treasures Moment’ aims to urge young people to realise how precious the time that they have is.


    The patterns seen in ‘Treasures Moment’ explore the elements of traditional patchwork that appeared in Herero and Nama-Damara womens’ dresses. There is a concern that these patchwork patterns were popular in the past but are now disappearing in modern dress.”

    - Fillipus Sheehama

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