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This is a community archive for the independence era in Namibia. All the contents are drawn from an open-call for submissions, focusing on, but not limited to photography. This archive is a space for the everyday, family photos and personal memories. Official narratives and photo-journalism from this time in history have focused on capturing pain and suffering. While these narratives play an important role in helping us remember the past they have also been used in the commercialization of black suffering and further alienate us from our history. Speaking about looking at photos from her family albums Ndapwa Alweendo says;


 "What strikes me is that we used photos to capture the good/happy/lighthearted moments. It almost feels like a deliberate opposition to how terrible things were in other spaces. Seeing all these moments of normalcy feels political on so many fronts. We really need a diversity of images, especially photography because it directly captures 'real' moments, inasmuch as a snapshot can capture reality. These moments show another dimension to the narrative that is urgently needed, the small and beautiful ways in which resistance takes place" (Read more from Ndapwa Alweendo) (link blog posy once published)

If you would like to help us grow this archive with images from your own family albums you can fill out this form or email us directly. This archive is cared for by Ndapwa Alweendo, Gina Figueira and Helen Harris

(Ask Tuli Mekonjo for an endorsement?)

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