Auction of Private Collection

Charity Auction: Private Collection of Dr Björn Graf Finck Von Finckenstein

The Von Finckensten family presents an online auction of artworks from the private collection of Dr Björn Graf Finck Von Finckenstein. The auction opens to the public at 11H00 on 7 November and closes at 20H00 (CAT) on 14 November 2022

How to bid

The auction is now closed for bidding.

About Fincki

“Dr Björn Graf Finck von Finckenstein, fondly known as Fincki, was born on the 23rd of July 1958 in Usakos. He grew up in the Karibib district on the family farm’ Okongava ‘(meaning ‘The place of the rhino’) where his grandparents Anita and Bernhard von Goldammer and his parents Anka and Günther lived. Fincki spent the first few years of school in Karibib followed by his highschool years at the DHPS in Windhoek. His first day of school in Karibib proved to be formative for his becoming a political activist. He could not understand why he had to go to a different school than his friends whom he was growing up with on the farm.

In 1978 whilst still at school, Fincki became a SWAPO member and actively fought for Namibia’s independence. As a result, after studying medicine in Stellenbosch and doing his internship at the Windhoek Central and Katutura Hospitals, he had to go into exile as it was too dangerous for him to stay in the country. After his return back home, he again worked in these hospitals and continued to do so even after becoming the Mayor of the City of Windhoek in 1995…” Read more here

About the charities

  1. Save The Rhino Trust – Fincki grew up on a farm called Okongava – place of the rhino. For many many years, a huge part of the art collection in our home were of rhinos in all shapes and forms. From abstracts, to woodcut prints by Susan Mitchinson.  Rhinos continue to remain critically endangered and the Save the Rhino trust does amazing work in supporting conservation efforts in Namibia. Fincki detested misinformation and false news as passionately as he loved Namibia – given that a large percentage of poaching is done due to the medically non-proven and pervasive false myth that the rhino horn has aphrodisiac qualities and can magically heal a variety of ailments. 
  2. Elephant-Human Relations Aid (EHRA) – In 2020, Fincki’s son Dominic returned to Namibia just as the borders closed due to COVID restrictions. It gave Tine and Fincki the opportunity to get to know their son again – as an adult. During this time Dominic became friends with Fabi who is involved with EHRA. He even spent some time at the camp! Fincki was always hugely interested in their conservation efforts and was deeply affected by the news that their whole camp washed away in late 2021.
  3. The Namibian Animal Welfare Association (NAWA) – NAWA aims to support and promote, within available resources, the provisions of Namibian animal protection and welfare legislation across Namibia. Their mission is to monitor and promote the welfare of every animal which comes to or is brought to their attention, as well as, the exercise of minimum care by all animal caretakers across Namibia, within available resources.