Ndapwa Alweendo

Ndapwa Alweendo is one of the caretakers of the Everyday Archive of Independence. She is currently working as a freelance writer, editor and project coordinator. Her interests include Namibia’s often suppressed feminist history, critical race theory, and public mental health.

“This archive, which re-centers and prioritises everyday experiences of Namibians, comes at a time when the very idea of ‘everyday-ness’ is in flux. As we enter 2021, many of us are taking stock of the ways in which huge changes have become part of our daily routines – speaking to just how adaptable human beings are.” [read more] – Ndapwa Alweendo

Ndapwa Alweendo
Grandmother and Ndahafa: My maternal grandmother holding my young sister in front of the year’s mahangu crop. (1987/1988)
Mee Phoebe in exile: A rare photograph of my aunt in exile in Sierre Leone, sent to my mother via a chain of several people, was one of the few pieces of evidence that my aunt was alive and well. (1970s)
Young Mom: A picture of my mother during her high school years at Ongwediva Secondary School (c.1979)
Young Dad Germany: A picture of my father in a small town on the border of Germany and the Netherlands (c.1982)
SWAPO Rally: On the ground at a SWAPO rally in northern Namibia. (1970s)