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Visit our exhibitions page to see if any shows are currently up near you.

If you are interested in purchasing artworks and would like to see them in person, the StArt Storeroom is available to visit by appointment only. Contact us to make an appointment.

StArt Art Gallery also facilitates full and half day tours to various artists’ studios and arts institutions around Windhoek. If you would like more information though please feel free to contact us directly

If you are a visitor to Windhoek you can find other interesting activities using the Windhoek Travel Guide.

Frequently asked questions:

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Visit our exhibitions page to see if any shows are currently up near you.
  • You can make an appointment with us to view the artworks we have in stock at our StArt Storeroom or arrange a studio visit with one of our artists, by contacting us directly.

Our exhibitions pop-up all over the place so the only way to really keep on the ball is to sign up to our mailing list, but if that’s not your thing then check our exhibitions page regularly to keep up to date. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you’ve visited our online gallery, you’re already doing it right! Buying art can feel a little nerve wracking, but having art in your life can also be incredibly rewarding. Our advice is simply to go with your gut and buy what you like. Also don’t forget that you don’t have to own art to enjoy it! Some of the best art simply cannot be bought. Spend time in exhibitions and with public art, go to the theatre and follow galleries and artists on social media to make sure you never miss out on what they are doing. Art spaces should be for everyone!

Our website automatically generates shipping costs. However, if you would like custom quotations for multiple purchases we’ll present you with a few options and once you approve one, we will package your work and liaise with the couriers directly. Depending on where you are in the world, the shipping can take anything from a few days to a few weeks.

StArt has had great success in the past facilitating commissions. This can be a lengthy process so contact us right away if you know what you are looking for but don’t see it here. If we don’t think we can help you we will try and refer you to someone who can!

We are a very small, independent gallery with just two of us behind the scenes. This unfortunately means that we are already at capacity with the number of artists who we can dedicate our limited time and resources to. However you are more than welcome to send us a portfolio which we promise to have a look at and keep in mind for future opportunities.

We know that there are very few art galleries in Windhoek so a lot of artists find it difficult to get their work shown. However there are proactive steps you can take to do it without the help of a gallery. Start by holding small exhibitions in your home and inviting friends and family. Invite as many artists as you can and get feedback from the community. Expand slowly into other spaces, create or join an artists collective. Apply for all the opportunities that crop up by keeping an eye on places like The Project Room, The National Art Gallery of Namibia, The Namibian Arts Association and the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre. Even if we can’t work with you right now, there is a big art scene in Windhoek that is waiting for you.

While we are not qualified as art evaluators we are often approached for this service and it is always interesting to see what’s out there. If we think we can give you a ballpark figure we will, but mostly we simply refer you on to people who have a better knowledge of the secondary art market than we do. We deal mostly in the primary art market- this means that we work directly with artists to find buyers for their works, fresh from the studio. The secondary art market describes what happens to an artwork after it has sold for the first time and is moving on to it’s next owner, this work is mostly done by auction houses like Strauss & Co for example.

This is not something that we offer. If you are looking for art classes in Windhoek we can suggest contacting the College of the Arts, University of Namibia or Barbara Böhlke. If you know of other art classes in Windhoek that you can recommend please drop us a line and we will add a link here too, the more the merrier. If you are looking for a fun once off art activity then please get in touch and we will be able to quote you for a participatory art-making session with one of our artists (minimum 10 people).