These Stones Will Speak

Windhoek, May, 2024

These Stones Will Speak is an exhibition of photography exploring contemporary and historical expressions of freedom with work by Delight Namene, Zabeth Philander, Phoenix Johannes, Rachel Sakeus, Iiyambo Gabriel Iitembu, Papakhi Mburuu, Sage and Tamarah Strauss.

This project was initiated by The Embassy of Portugal in Windhoek and showcases the results of the workshop titled “Photography, History, and Freedom: An Exploration of Historic Moments”, facilitated by the Portuguese photographer Carlos Barradas in November 2023. The project was planned in the framework of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal, which is taking place this year, on April 25. The Carnation Revolution put an end to the dictatorial regime in Portugal which had been in place for 48 years, and enabled the process of decolonisation in Portuguese-speaking African countries. Participants explored how images shape our understanding of freedom through different social, cultural, political and historical contexts. As a result, this exhibition shows eight very different approaches to the same theme.

This project is funded by Camões, IP, Institute for Cooperation and Language (Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs)